Monday, October 31, 2016


Artist statement: 

My goals and intentions for this charcoal drawing were to explore the different compositions you can achieve through charcoal. I accomplished this by using vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, my eraser, and white chalk. One thing that surprised me the most was that once you covered something with black charcoal it is hard it get the paper as white as the paper originally was. my artwork was about the compositions of different shadows and the way they cast across the pumpkin. 

The most difficult part was adding the shadows. I met this challenge by holding my charcoal up to measure the angle. My drawing really works where the stem meets the shadow cast across the top of the pumpkin and into the shadow. I can bring how to measure angles into my next drawing so my angles are a more accurate depiction of the sculpture.

I like the way Angela illuminated the indentations of the pumpkins with white along the black lines. It made the lines really pop out and add to the dimensions of the pumpkin. If I had a do over I would take out the harsh lines and make them a little softer and blend more easily into the white. 

The best part is the way the stem curves around. I was surprised I got it to look almost the same as it did in real life.