Friday, November 4, 2016


My goals and intentions for this artwork were to replicate the takeout carton in a realistic way. I also tried to create interesting moments of light throughout the drawing.
I accomplished this by measuring each line and angle with my charcoal twice before actually drawing it. I accomplished the moments of light by casting an interesting light on the carton and using the 
flat side of my eraser to create the sharp light on the side of the chopstick. I was surprised that instead of just using the white chalk that I could erase those small moments of light with my eraser. My drawing is about shadows and moments of light.

The most difficult challenged I had to face was the fingerprints and smudges. I met this challenge by not using my fingers to blend. I would blend with paper towels or my eraser. I experienced the shift in right brain artistic thinking when I saw shadows and light rather than 

I can bring how to measure angles into my next drawing. I can also bring just seeing shadows and light into my next drawing rather than seeing lines. 

I like the way the lines and different values on Josie's charcoal flow almost seamlessly into each other rather than having sharp lines separating two different values. 

If I had a do-over I would probably make the dark black lines flow more seamlessly into the white and gray around it. 

I feel best about  the sharp moments of light on the chopsticks. 

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  1. Audrey , you knocked this one out of the ballpark! fantastic size view placement . Excellent composition