Monday, December 12, 2016


My goals and intentions during this oil pastel were to explore the different contrasts between colors and how mixing multiple colors can make a gray, and bringing out certain colors can increase the depth.  I accomplished this by bringing out certain shades of blue and green and red to create the marble effect on the mirror. What surprised me the most was the versatility of the white. I could use the white to blend two colors together. My drawing is about the contrast of color and the point od light. 

The most difficult part of this was the mixing colors together to achieve dark colors, without using gray or black. I added a base then scraped away and added another layer after repeating this multiple times I achieved the dark colors that I needed. I saw shadows and values rather than basic shapes. 

I can bring the use of multiple colors to create a unique color into my next composition. I really like the way Kaelyn used a lot of different colors to create the shine on the lipstick case.